Online Casino Banking Methods 2020

Casino Banking

An enthusiastic gambler requires to make a deposit of money to wager at any online casino. Before making any transaction you need to consider things like finding the best online casino to play and the payment methods which are offered by casinos. Here, our team has listed the best casinos and payment options to help you make the best choice.

Earlier online banking has been viewed as a risk and suspicious way of transferring funds. But today online transactions are viewed as the quickest, easiest way of transferring funds.

Banking methods, Cards

Many casinos provide several banking options to choose for all players. These banking methods are offered for both depositing and withdrawal. Players can use banking methods like credit/debit cards, such as Visa, American Express and MasterCard, and they can also try a common transferring software for easy transactions like E-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. Here we listed out some of the popular, secure, appreciated online casino banking methods.

Wire Transfer

The oldest and secure method of transferring an amount of money from one bank to another, this method is provided for both depositing and withdrawals. It is a trustable mode of payment transfer, as it does not have any extra intermediates. It is one of the oldest and most reliable payment options for gambling, as it does not imply any additional intermediates. The only big downside is the effort on your part in terms of obtaining the bank details of the online casino. What is more, a wire transfer can also be quite expensive in some countries due to fees charged by both parties involved. 

Wire Transfer

Therefore, before pursuing a wire bank transfer, you need to ensure that you are well informed on the topic. Still, once you have the details you need, it is a fairly hassle-free procedure, so it might be worth trying out.


Visa is one of the convenient and secure payment methods. Visa is an accepted banking process at most online casinos globally. Your visa card will almost never get declined. The payment method is simple and familiar to many players. The transaction process is free and doesn’t charge any money for large transactions and bonuses.

Visa Credit Card

Drawbacks of Visa methods are that withdrawals are not fast compared to other banking options. Player has to entire the banking details like card details to make a deposit.


Mastercard servers as one of the worlds famous credit card payment process. It is one of the popular because of its fast, easy and secure way of transferring funds. Players can find Mastercard option in almost every casino. It emerges as Visa’s biggest competitor in the credit card industry. Mastercard is easy to use, by simply filling the card information players can instantly deposit funds.


One of the disadvantages of Mastercard is credit card fees like annual fees, interest rates, transaction fees.

American Express

It is a first-class credit card, a reputed, reliable, fastest online payment method. American Express provides highly secure transactions, it is globally recognized and popular payment method. It offers different type of cards like credit cards, prepaid cards, charge cards without any requirement of a bank account. The disadvantage of using the AMEX card is that it will come with interest rate and annual fee.


Neteller is a premier and globally recognized online e-wallet. It is one of the successful start-up payment methods. All popular casinos support Netteller and accept transactions. it has many benefits like easy transactions, security and fastest payouts. Players can easy get Netteller account with credit or debit card. Netteller offers additional security from untrustworthy casinos.

Netteler is not accepted everywhere and it’s not available in the US. This is the reason why most US casinos do not support Netteller.


Formerly known as Moneybookers is an online payment system. Skrill is a popular payment method which transfers money at low cost internationally. Skrill is accepted by almost all top casinos. Skrill is secure as players don’t require to entire any personal or card information into online casinos. There is no third party verification necessary and no extra fees are charged.


eCheck payment method offers a safe and convenient way for deposit and withdrawal of money to and from online casinos. eCheck deposit money from your bank account to the casino and withdraw your winning from the casino and directly transfer it to your bank account. Is allows players to use their personal banking account. Generally, eChecks doesn’t charge any fees, for some transaction it offers low fees. One of the drawbacks is that it is not accepted by US online casinos.



Since its establishment in 2011, Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralized and cryptocurrency. Bitcoins offers many benefits for online casino players. It doesn’t require any connection to your personal bank account and it acts anonymously. It doesn’t charge any transaction fees and transaction are processed within minutes with high-end security. The drawback of bitcoin is that its value varies with users and markets.

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